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what we do

Becky Shea Design is a leading NYC-based high end interior design & lifestyle studio specializing in organic modernist principles across our luxury residential projects and custom, artisan crafted furniture & home decor. Our design philosophy is rooted in our deep appreciation for embracing nature’s energy in a sustainable, timeless way that evokes a sense of welcoming calmness & peace. Our signature use of muted, organic textiles, and layered natural elements paired with industrial materials like steel and concrete, define our studio’s ethos. When coupled with our obsessive desire to ensure functionalism is not lost, the end result is a truly beautiful, yet practical, design that will stand the test of time.

We offer a suite of premium services beyond interior design that are focused on providing an unrivaled customer experience.  Whether you have an upcoming intimate dinner party and want a curated menu and tablescape or are looking for a team to help manage your residence, no task is too big or too small.  Our holistic approach will make the experience as transformative for you as it will for your home. Simply put, our studio is turn-key for everything related to your home and lifestyle.

what makes us different 

We're not just a room full of creatives.  Our success stems from Becky and Jake's respective business backgrounds, which has differentiated our studio's approach to interior design by way of developing proprietary processes and systems to maximize efficiency in project management.  At the end of the day, your home is an investment, so our team approaches every engagement with a keen eye not just on design, but on all the moving parts that go into ensuring success in realizing our collective vision. As your single point of contact overseeing all aspects of your project, including construction, architectural details & building your team, we take attention to detail, organization and communication to another level, which mitigates the risk of delays and cost overruns that have (unfortunately) become almost expected in renovations & design.  

Mindfulness & intention are our two driving forces in creating a home that is not just wholesome to you, but to our collective home, Earth.  We believe there's more to sustainability than just being mindful of the materials selected, and that's why we have a heavy focus on economic sustainability by way of supporting local artisans and makers.  It may take more time to get that piece, but it will be a piece that carries with it the maker's energy and passion for handmade creativity, while helping to sustain their small business. To us, that is priceless.

the team

Jake & Becky Shea

meet the creative director

Becky Shea is a full-service, turn key, interior designer and lifestyle entrepreneur in New York City.  As founding partner of her company and Creative Director, she provides creative and operational direction to construct a unique vision for each project with her team.  Rooted in her love for the simplicity of natural materials that evoke a calming and true modern tradition, her work emphasizes a commitment to sustainability and embracing the local artisan community.  By focusing design on telling the narrative of her clients’ passions, lifestyle and most cherished memories, authentic and beautiful moments are created organically throughout the home.

Her career started in Manhattan, as a flagship visual merchandiser for brands like Levi Strauss and Elie Tahari, architecting memorable floor displays that simultaneously enhanced point of sale and brand value. She strengthened her skill-set and business knowhow at several start-ups, focusing on international business development, product development, and intellectual property for home design collections.  Since then, her discipline shifted to learning the business side of renovation and development, focusing on efficiency without sacrificing quality in order to maximize value for her clientele. In 2015, she became a senior interior design team consultant in New York for a large firm, specializing in luxury residential renovation, conceptualizing and managing large-scale projects for the company before moving on to launch her own design studio.   

Becky’s fundamental love of beauty in craftsmanship is intrinsic. She hails from a lineage of master craftsmen and entrepreneurs, including two grandfathers with features in Architectural Digest. While spending countless days shadowing their work, she developed a keenness for space and the importance of organizing a room on an axis that maximizes form, function and flow of an environment.   Her holistic approach, coupled with an unparalled relationship focus and attention to detail, ensures that your personal design experience will not only be enjoyable, but just as transformative as your new environment.

meet the COO

Jake Shea is a successful entrepreneur now working on his third company with wife, soulmate, and designer, Becky, in New York City.  Jake’s core focus is on business operations, marketing and overseeing their growth strategy to ensure continued success and scalability without compromising the client’s experience.  Together with Becky and their team, their goal is to provide an unparalleled full-service experience for their clients that ultimately transitions into lifelong relationships.

Born and raised in Soho by artist parents, he has a deep appreciation for artisan craftsmanship and the care that goes into quality projects.  By way of a rather unique upbringing that had him traveling the world from birth and living in creative metropolises such as Paris, London and Los Angeles while having the opportunity to visit a multitude of developing countries in-between, Jake was exposed to a wide variety of cultures, architecture and arts that shaped who he is today.  He spent time at Oxford University studying film, believing he would follow in his father's footsteps as a filmmaker before realizing his true passion was in creating and nurturing businesses and ended up pursuing a business management degree.

Jake’s professional background is in entrepreneurship and technology, having helped start & scale two previous companies, one focused on digital media and another in education technology, along with stints working at two of the world’s most successful tech companies, Apple, and most recently, Google.  His experiences and unique blend of business, technology & creative skills provide a differentiating perspective that complements Becky’s own.  


How it works

Fill out the form on our Contact page to tell us about your project, and we'll get in touch to discuss your scope and our availability.  If it feels like a fit for the team, we'll summarize a scope of work and provide estimated design hours to give you an idea of service costs.  As soon as we're all on the same page, we'll sign you up, and the fun part begins as we deep dive into your project with our design team!


My husband and I first met Becky Shea in the summer of 2016. We were gutting and renovating a 7,500 square foot apartment in NYC with a 1,000 square foot backyard. We initially interviewed the “top” designers in New York and were told to expect at least a 12 to 18-month project. Don’t be fooled by Becky’s small stature and young age. Thanks to her diligence and dedication as well as her hand picked team, we moved in 6-months later. Every detail, from artistic to functional has Becky’s fingerprint on it. Her taste is impeccable, clean, creative and environmentally friendly. And her dedication to my home hasn’t stopped. Becky has merchandised every aspect of every room, is on call to reach out to any contractor if we encounter a hiccup, and has hired and trained our house staff. I have also been witness to a number of other projects Becky has completed. Although smaller in scope and scale, there is no question Becky worked with the same commitment to timeliness and excellence as she did on my home. It is hard to imagine that Becky Shea Design could become even more efficient and productive, but she has found a way. Her equally talented husband has joined her and together they are growing their design company exponentially
— Debby & Scott - West Village Maisonette
Our work with Becky was above and beyond what we could have ever anticipated. She amazed us with her attention to detail, organization and most importantly her stellar design style. After our first meeting, she immediately grasped the vision we were trying to achieve and made it happen! There’s absolutely no way we could have ever made it though our home renovation without her. She’s so passionate about what she does and you can feel the love in all her work!
— Sara - Port Washington Farm House
Designer, owner’s rep, project manager, friend, unstoppable force of nature. Becky led me by the hand into the fiery depths of gut renovation and let nothing stand in her way during our journey towards design perfection. My unflagging champion, she saved me thousands of dollars (…tens of thousands if we’re being honest) and took true ownership and accountability of the project across dozens of stakeholders, gatekeepers, and service providers. The result, sublime – jaw dropping, awe-inspiring, how-did-you-pull-that-off-ing. One answer; Becky Shea.
— Will - Industrial Cast Iron Soho Loft
Becky Shea not only created a beautiful space, but made me a home in New York City. And not just any home, but my dream home. The team is innovative and thoughtful, and made sure I was involved every step of the way. When I felt overwhelmed in the process, Becky and Jake were there to explain, innovate and create. Becky’s ability to selflessly see the beauty in all is magnetic. Her process is therapeutic as she helps you develop your own personal style. No idea was too big, no question was unanswerable. The dedication and care for their clients are traits rarely seen and make you feel as though you are working with family. And this attentiveness is just the beginning. Every time someone sees my apartment, they are blown away at the beauty and level of detail Becky has achieved. Her creative energy radiates in every space she touches. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, patience and education. But, most importantly, thank you for making me feel like I have a home.
— Gabrielle - Upper East Side High-rise
Becky’s focus is on surpassing your desires. She has great energy, focused attention to detail, is a curious listener, possesses a strong spirit of creativity and has a deep sense of accountability to her clients and profession
— Kym & Brian - Clinton Hill Carriage House
Becky is incredibly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a clear eye for design coupled with an intuitive, personable attitude. I had no idea what I wanted my space to look like but she really helped me hone in on the feel, energy, decor, and overall look I wanted.
— Meghan - Park Slope High Rise
Working with Becky was a great experience. Great project manager that leveraged her experiences, connections, and talent to create a great space while being attentive to budgetary and time constraints. I would recommend her without reservation.
— Chris - Chelsea Apartment
We found our apartment on a whim and had no clue where to begin when it came to decorating. Plus, we don’t have the patience! Becky was a dream to work with. She fully understood our likes and dislikes and helped turn our place into a real home!
— Hope & Reed - Williamsburg Soda Factory Loft
We loved working with Becky! She took the time to talk with us in order to get a sense of our style, and then came up with incredible ideas for our space. She was great to work with throughout the whole process, from developing a floor plan, sourcing furniture and accessories, designing custom pieces, and styling our new apartment. We are so happy to have found Becky, and we would highly recommend her to design any space.
— Julia & Joe - Cobble Hill Converted Church
Becky Shea has been phenomenal. I do not know what we would have done without her. We started our renovation/decorating process during a very hectic & stressful time. We got off to a rough start with our first designer after he went MIA. Becky called me back immediately on a Friday night and replaced our first designer immediately. Becky who was incredibly responsive, punctual, dependable and upbeat. I can’t imagine entering a project like ours and having to figure out what had been done and what needed to be done (even we didn’t 100% know). Tracking down all the appropriate people and materials with limited information must have been a nightmare for her but she never complained. Knowing I could rely on her to push the project forward (we had a tight timeline as I was already scheduled to move) and always have our best interest in mind gave me such peace of mind. I was also living in another state at the time so she was basically a life saver. Her upbeat personality also makes her a pleasure to be around. Her taste is exquisite and she pays attention to the details, always. I cannot imagine a better, harder working, or more caring designer than Becky!! I would definitely recommend her :)
— Heather & Matt - West Village Paper Factory Duplex

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