How to Come Up with a Holiday Color Story

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Did the gift you spent hours searching for just arrive in the mail and now you have no clue how to wrap it? Would you rather tape your eyes shut than stare at another bow? Trust us, honey, we’ve been there. Gift wrapping is an art form lost on many and far too often the usual festive wrapping paper makes the personal act of giving feel, well, impersonal. Instead of shutting down the North Pole workshop, take a stroll through our guide for inspiration on how to create a color story, while incorporating unique elements for your presents this holiday season.

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The first detail to note when prepping a gift is to study the tones of the decorations already found in your home. Matching the wrapping paper with either the ornaments, lights, or even the tree skirt maintain a consistent color story and help make the holidays distinct. I recommend sticking to neutral shades since the delicate hues pair nicely with a wide variety of palettes while evoking a cozy winter feel.

color story
color story


Sure, generic wrapping paper from the store is an easy go-to purchase, but part of what’s so special about the season is the thought put into a gift. Incorporating unconventional wrapping paper throws a unique spin on gift giving by crafting a swoon-worthy presentation loved ones are sure to remember. I’m personally a big fan of the packaging bags used by Restoration Hardware for pillowcases and bed sheet packaging. They use the same material as your bedding to house your crisp new sheet sets. The simple, eco-conscience (reusable) design works well as a base, is unexpected, and leaves plenty of room for embellishment. You can fill it with tissue paper, wrap it up with a bow, add a small or large gift tag and on your way you go!

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In a technology-run world of emails & hot cocoa makers, we often forget the important relationship nature plays in balancing our lives. Including a garnish of a dried leaf, or flower (Farmhouse pottery has awesome options to select from) not only ignites the senses but also lets the receiver keep a comforting memento long after the presents are opened. Cinnamon Sticks are another great garnish to add an earthy, yummy scented finishing touch. Evergreen, a holiday staple is perfect for adding a colorful splash without being too distracting. Plus, the alluring scent will leave the home smelling like a snow-covered forest.


While ribbons have given award-winning performances year after year (& trust me I still use them all of the time, including in my pony tail as you guys saw up above), it’s time for twines day in the spotlight. Made in an assortment of natural, repurposed fibers, the rustic appearance adds a warm earthy look to combat chilly nights. If you’re in need of supplies, sneak a peek at Michael's. Their ribbon section is an excellent source for all your holiday and everyday needs. You’re sure to have a joy-filled afternoon dashing through this arts-and-crafts wonderland. I literally spend hours on hours in between 5 different aisles.

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If planning to package your gift in a bag, check that the tissue paper compliments the rest of the arrangement first. The last thing you want is to throw off the entire piece with an ill-fitting shade, especially after spending so much time balancing the different ingredients. A black, beige or brown bag coupled with tissues in a similar color range will give the gift an extra pop when revealed if the wrapping paper is a lighter tone.    


For the final step, instead of a gift tag with the receiver’s name, try including the photo of them you’re most fond of. A neat twist on an old tradition, photographs remind us of good times long past and to cherish the ever-changing now. And though you can tape the picture to the gift itself, hanging the photo with ribbons or twine adds the bonus element of movement to an otherwise still item. Regardless of what’s decided, the sight of a captured memory will surely make opening a present even more special.

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Hopefully, our tips inspire your next gift-wrapping escapade. For the adventurous elves out there, feel free to share your ideas under our tree also known as the comment section. And like always, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

xo, lots of love from BSD

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