BSD's Holiday Gift Guide for the home


When searching for the perfect gift, do you find yourself understanding the reasons behind the Grinch's holiday hate? Does scrolling through websites make your head spin faster than a dreidel? 'Tis the season to be jolly, but shopping for others can turn the act of giving into a nightmare before Christmas. Now, before your frustration leads to a visit from three festive ghosts, read our gift guide to help transform shopping for the pickiest of family members into a sugarplum fairy dream and guarantee your holidays stay lit like a Festival of Lights!

Limited Edition Handmade Mug by Light + Ladder


With celebrations landing dead center in the coldest period of the year, staying warm in the chilly winter winds is priority numero uno. So, what's a better way to get the one you love feeling hot than a custom handmade mug from Light + Ladder? Wait, don't answer that...

Tasked by Food52 to design a mug that best represents their aesthetic, ceramicist Farrah Sit of Light + Ladder brings to the world a playful and daring creation. This limited edition piece with its unique handleless design is perfect for the coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker in your life. And if you're worried about the lack of handle burning those dainty fingers, don't worry. The stoneware material is sturdy enough to keep the ol' mitts safe, yet light enough to still experience the comforting warmth of your drink.

Organic Linen Napkin Set by maeree


Did you ever question if a napkin could be stylish? Well, now we have an answer! The handcrafted Organic Linen Napkins by maeree fits right at home on the runway or table. Meticulous in every sense of the word, the attention to detail found in each stitch is breathtaking and will leave your jaw lying on the floor. Besides the dressy appearances, the napkins are also eco-conscious and machine washable. Clearly, anyone who says perfection doesn't exist hasn't laid their eyes on this napkin set.

Alpaca Loom Throw by Jenni Kayne


From the wonderful imagination of Jenni Kayne comes the Alpaca Loom Throw (don’t let the price dissuade you. this piece is worth it for those special to you). Not only is the blanket delicious and durable, but it's versatile too! Honestly, you can toss the throw on a couch, bed, or yourself and this textured babe will compliment away like me on my second Gin & Tonic (*we’ve got a lightweight over here!). Knitted from Alpaca yarn, the special material is intended to keep whoever's wrapped in tight feeling comfortable and toasty, so you know it will become the go-to blanket on snow-filled days.

Musk Matte Glass Candle by Jenni Kayne


Dammmmmmn, Jenni! Back at it again with the Musk Matte Glass Candle! Inspired by nature, this candle mixes spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood, and orchid scents to create an elegant atmosphere wherever placed in the home. Whether unwinding after a long workday or just wishing to enjoy a soul-lifting fragrance, the aroma of the Musk Matt Glass Candle is a great fit for any occasion.

The Kinfolk Home by Kinfolk


Does the design of a house make a space distinct or does the homeowner? In The Kinfolk Home, author Nathan Williams explores the question by guiding readers on a journey through 35 diverse living spaces found around the globe. Packed with a collection of 289 stunning photographs, The Kinfolk Home also includes profiles and essays of the residents detailing what inspires them both in style and everyday life. A fantastic read, this book is an excellent addition to any designer or curious cats library.

Hand Built Pottery Vase by Tina Schowalter


Some of our favorite gifts are one of a kind and that's certainly the case with the next item on the list. Since each ceramic vase is handcrafted by the maker, Tina Schowalter, no two are the same. You can even prove this fun fact by showing off the distinct signature and number left by Tina on the bottom of every piece. Take that, naysayers! Now, if we can decide how to properly pronounce vase, we'll finally achieve peace on Earth. You say vase like mace and you get a slap in the face!

Tom Dixon Air Charcoal Scent Diffuser


No one is a fan of terrible odors. Well, maybe skunks, but for the friend in your life who isn't a nocturnal animal equipped with a stink gland, we recommend gifting the Tom Dixon Air Charcoal Scent Diffuser from Mr. Porter to rid their home of unwanted scents. Crafted as an easy on the eyes alchemy glass vessel, this air diffuser leaves any space smelling fresh for weeks at a time while also making one feel like a mad scientist. That's definitely a win in our book and we hope it will be a win in yours too.

Natural Stoneware Incense Bowl by Stefan


With meditation playing a crucial role for mental health it's important one is equipped with the right tools for their journey to Zen. Molded from clay, the Natural Stoneware Incense Bowl is individually shaped in Stefan Andersson's rural Swedish studio and features a simple yet lavish design. Besides a lovely aesthetic, the bowls are intended for long term repeated use, so rest assured stress levels will be kept in check all year round.

"Santal 33' Hand & Body Lotion


Cold weather is known to leave skin with more cracks than a plumbers convention, so it's best to be prepared when venturing out in snowy terrain. Composed of vitamins and natural oils, Santel 33' Hand & Body Lotion is practically a spa in a bottle, helping to maintain smooth and healthy skin while Old Man Winter parties till spring. And while we're impressed a guy in his geriatric years is still able to shake it down, can he at least lower the music? Bah humbug!

Subscription to Farmgirl Flowers


Often times, a key element missing from a home is a masterpiece created by Mother Nature herself. For those special somebodies, Farmgirl Flowers offers a wide variety of flower options to discover the right arrangement for any room in a recurring frequency (either weekly or monthy). Subscribers to the website are also provided gift guides, plant care tips, and promotional codes as well as many other perks that give new meaning to the expression Flower Power.

Round Light Beech Wood Coat Wall Hook with Leather Loop Strap by 5mm Paper


Most will agree hanging a coat is a mundane task, but who said it can't be done with flair? Like a hero saving the day, 5mm Paper swoops in with their collection of wall hooks featuring an assortment of materials to mix and match for hours on end. From modern to rustic styles, 5mm Paper has it covered for all your hooker needs! Why are you staring at me like that?


And there you have it, folks. Did we bring joy to your world or is this a naughty list? Let us know your thoughts and tell us about any special gifts you’ve found this season in the comments. In the meantime, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season! Cheers from BSD. xo

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