Most beautiful dining rooms we ever did see


Dining rooms date back to early greek and roman civilizations, which were known for their banquet feasts & grandiose style. From the overall exaggerated ceiling heights to the extra long trestle tables, dinner parties have always been a place for friends, family & patrons alike to gather and consume a bounty of food & drink. During its hay day, dining rooms were on a completely different floor than the kitchen, especially in castles and manors, which were coined "the great hall."

On a personal note, wouldn't every New Yorker just love a dining room? Let alone on an entirely different floor? We dream of the day when we can whip up a meal without hesitation, suited for our closest friends and family to come together to eat, drink & be merry. 

We've curated a list of drool-worthy dining rooms (in their natural habitat) you will not want to miss. Everything from long, to round, square, live edge and banquet style that are properly appointed to accommodate a gaggle of guests or a solo breakfast alone with your coffee & bagel (not the dating app - though no discrimination here; feel free to scroll through that feed simultaneously). When you dive into our light Sunday read, don't forget to feast your eyes on the surroundings in these incredible dining spaces. There is something to be said about a completely intentional room that has considered every facet of design from light fixtures, doors, natural lighting, art, rugs & chairs (who will certainly have their own post in due time).  When we design a dining room, we think of its purpose and what will take place there day to day, so we can improve the flow & desired lifestyle for the room, especially one as intimate as the dining space. We always prioritize function, followed by beauty, because who doesn't want their food to have a pretty perch to lay on once it's been baked or whisked in the kitchen?! (#instagrammoment)

If you're in the mood to host a dinner party and have the proper setup, we've laid out our tips & tricks on how to make that happen. Figured we'd give you some pointers on what to think about should you ever be caught like a deer in the headlights in one of these spaces. Happy Reading! 

x, Becky

- Ambience - 

As designers & tastemakers, we understand that each of the senses should be stimulated in order to create a balanced home, and the same rule applies during any type of gathering set at home. The first step is a clean and tidy space that can be layered with candles, warm lighting, fresh flowers, music *at the perfect volume* and texture.

- timing -

It’s important to understand the space you have and how many guests you can comfortably accommodate to create your flow. Having a low-key, laid-back plan in place for the evening is instrumental to the success of keeping conversation active and your guests engaged.

- food -

We find it’s important to ask well in advance if any of your guests have food allergies or restrictions so you can accommodate and include variety on your menu. We always have a medley of bitesize appetizers our guests can nibble on as they settle in and make themselves comfortable, coupled with a fully stocked bar and variety of mixers, fruits and garnishes.  It's fun to include a seasonal signature cocktail (TBT to our Winter selections), which can always add to the experience.

- décor - 

It’s important to know how many courses you'll be serving so that you can include the right number of plates, glassware and flatware.  From there you can build out your table décor with the knowledge that each guest’s footprint is accounted for. We get creative and use edible centerpieces, seasonal flowers in vases from throughout our home, musky scented candles, and love a fun place card to pique curiosity and ignite conversation.

- entertainment -

If your budget permits, we recommend hiring a bartender along with 1 wait-staff who can help with making cocktails and tidying up. This allows you to be a part of the entertainment while enjoying the company of your guests. There are quite a few services to find reasonable options by the hour that won't break the bank (think taskrabbit or thumbtack). We always like having games and quirky masks out to have a little fun amongst each other. As of late, we’re major fans of Apple TV's aerial art in the background that alternates throughout the night. The content is stunning and keeps us/our guests engaged.

In a nut shell, we can all dream of a dining room that's as free flowing & functional as the above examples and hope our hosting tips are helpful if you're lucky enough to have the space. Tell us which dining room of these you'd pick & what types of flowers you'd layer in. And if you could invite anyone in the world to this party, who would it be?!