Beachy Keen Vibes

It's no secret I'm a sunshine, bare feet, short shorts & itty bitty teeny weeny bikini kinda gal. I thrive on the hottest days & become some type of super human when the sun hits my skin. Growing up in Miami with the only "real" season being summer meant I had Vitamin D exposure & happy vibes year round.

Fast Forward to 2010, and something inside pushed me to take the leap of faith and jump to NYC with no job and a couple of rando Craigslist roommates with just the savings I had from my little headband business I started in college.  Moving to NYC was no easy feat in the beginning. The multi-layered winter situation on my tiny frame just didn't tickle my fancy (I much prefer shorts & a linen top.) The reality of having to commute while the sky falls on your head and stomping through slush puddles that can almost hit your knees, with who knows what dying or breeding, was really not too appealing; but, that's enough ragging on winter (it has its perks too), because this post isn't about winter; it's about summer, my beloved summer, and how I've grown to love it in the north.

As time unfolds, I've really had a chance to explore outside the confines of Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens proper, and it's opened my eyes & soul entirely. I've fallen in love with new corners of the world I would've never thought existed had we not left the bubble of NYC. From the rolling hills and mountains (Poconos, Catskills, Green, White & the majestic Adirondacks) to the clear, sandy beaches out east all along the coastline, it's been so much fun exploring what else the northeast has to offer beyond the hustle and bustle. No, I don't go in the water 'till August or September when global warming is at it's peak, but I certainly dip my toes in until then, and that somehow has a magical way of cooling off my entire body and fulfilling the ocean dreams spawned from my south Floridian childhood.

Alright; let's cut to the chase: What's this damn post about?! I'm glad you asked! I've bunkered down this Sunday afternoon with covfefe in hand, and slight sunshine on my bod, curating our edit on summer fav's for a super chic beach day with a lover or friend(s). Whether you're in Nantucket, The Hamptons, Jones Beach, Gold Coast, Sardinia or anywhere in between, you'll want to take a load off and have a look at our edit! You may even find yourself snooping our links to purchase these items yourself. And, if you do, be sure to include our hashtag #sheaxshea so we can take a peak inside your dream journal and interpretation of a chic beach day! 

Happy Readings! x, Becky 


The Summer Edit

#1 item for your chic beach day is Rosé

When it comes to rosé, Miraval is our absolute favorite. It has the perfect shade of petal pink with a crisp finish. It's an awesome addition to your picnic or fruit/cheese spread. If you toss an ice cube infused with edible flowers to keep it crisp, your pals will be knocked off their loafers, and it'll keep that rosé fresh to death. Interested in making those cubes? Here's a fab how-to! And for the record, we are advocates of "rose all day!" and don't single out any one in particular. In short, we aren't married to just Miraval and are always open to try a new kid on the block. Here's a quick hit list of our personal favorites to consider for your next beach day: Miraval, Whispering Angel & Gerard Bertrand (make sure to include ice packs inside your cooler), though we'd love to hear from you on yours! 


#2 item for your chic beach day is an amazing blanket 

We love bringing a blanket to lay everything out on, including our towels. It's an additional layer of comfort and from someone who has to think about aesthetics constantly, we can attest that it definitely makes your environment feel cool and more like home (away from home). We have an affinity to turkish or linen blankets, because they're light weight, soft on the skin & blend in perfectly with the sandy beach vibes. Here are a few of our fav's which you can buy right now for your next beach day! (click any of the pics to take you directly to the artisan!)

#3 item to bring on your chic beach day is a delicious, funky towel 

We've fallen victim to purchasing beach towels on vacation that are tacky-tourist level, and yes we still use those since they're utilitarian, so bring 'em on the journey for dipping in and out of the ocean. They also make great neck pillows when rolled into small sausage shapes. But if we wanna be true to the chic vibe, you've got to check these out from the beach people who we've been stalking for some time and are roughly 2 clicks away from making our shopping cart dreams a reality. Designed in Australia, made of 100% soft cotton  (luxe woven jacquard), plush velour top and terry reverse for drying after a dip in the sea, these are sure to add that YAS moment to your chic line-up. The round shape is non-conventional to the traditional rectangular towel and really gives your neck of the woods some major curb appeal, not to mention the carrier it comes in is out of this world. 

#4 lots and lots of water (all the water) and NOT in plastic bottles! Cue in the environmentalists in us

You guys know we have an agenda when it comes to plastic. We've personally reduced our plastic intake at home & have made a concerted effort to deny plastic straws, utensils, containers, bags at any establishments that are still using plastic on demand.  We swear by Swell's technology that keeps our H20 cool & crisp and are compact to carry along. These are great to bring to the beach because they're small in size, light weight and truly keep your beverage the same temperature throughout the entire day, no matter how much sun hits the bottle (I'm convinced it's some crazy voodoo magic) 

#5 a gorgeous beach bag to store all of the above (+ more, hello sunscreen and rose water face mist! - keep scrolling) Who wouldn't want to look effortless while strolling down the beach in your skivvies and bare bum out in the open? These are beautiful bags that will keep all your goodies safe & sound in one place while also adding an eye catching element to your spread. We personally LOVE handwoven bags. They're light weight (consistency is key), and there's something so special about a hand made product. Being able to connect with the energy of the maker's craftsmanship through every fiber and corner makes these bags a win/win in our eyes. Plus, an added bonus on the interior front, these bags make great decorative accents when summer fades and autumn rolls in. Cue in mudrooms and entry ways, fill these bags with blankets or dried flowers and you'll give this article a breath of new life in seconds. 

Some additional *important* cues for your chic beach day check list: 

  • Sunscreen (Body): Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 30

  • Sunscreen (Face) : Laura Mercier Foundation/Primer SPF 30 *we never leave the house without this on, including non-beach days*

  • Face Mist: Glossier Rosewater face mist - who doesn't want fresh, delicious smelling water misted on their hot, dried out face?

  • Sunglass Cleaner: Clarity AR Sunglass cleaning solution (because your sunscreen hands are bound to touch the lens and there's nothing worse than being able to enjoy your view with 20/20 vision!)

  • Sunglasses: we say, to each their own on this one, but don't forget them if you want to avoid crows feet

  • Hat: Panama Jack or Janessa Leone - our two personal favorites

  • Beach Umbrella: This is great when you want to take a minute from roasting and catch a little shade. We alternate our sun bathing pattern to avoid major burns

  • Snacks (We make homemade sandwiches or chicken/tuna salad, and we always bring a slew of fresh fruit (our go to's: kiwi, mango, donut peaches *these are the equivalent of healthy crystal meth, they are addictive!*, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. We love carrots, cauliflower or broccoli to dip with hummus, and we never leave for a beach day without an assortment of nuts & bark thins) We try to avoid foods that are heavy in fat or greasy. The beach is about light and airy, so we apply that to our nutrition.






And the most important thing about a chic beachy keen vibe is to truly enjoy the vibe. Summer is short, sweet, memorable and essentially the season that gives us the most heart and soul. It's important to meditate on how beautiful life is and how fortunate we are to have breath, sight, smell, sound, touch and perspective on what a gift it is to be alive and well. To us, the definition of summer is the celebration of life to its fullest amongst the lush, green, vibrant environment, animals and humans basking in vitamin D, and, of course, the beach along with all its glory. That is what has made summer so special to me. It brings me back to my amazing childhood memories in an iteration of myself that has an even deeper appreciation because of the shortened duration of my favorite season. Now, get your suns out, and your buns out, because it's in order. It's beach season! xo